Researchers Found The Answer Of Water From Earth

Researchers Found The Answer Of Water From Earth

Our earth have 4 oceans, the water is exhaustless. Some people have such a question:why the earth have exhaustless watre? Now, researchers from Scotland suggested they may have the answer to the history of Earth’s water, which they have derived from data collected from ancient volcanic rocks.

The international team of scientists led by Dr Lydia Hallis hypothesized that Earth’s water may have been an integral part of its evolution dating back some 4.5 billion years ago. Hallis detailed that the water was potentially sourced from water molecules trapped in dust particles.

The study, published Friday in the journal Science, cited physical evidences of ancient rocks extracted in 1985 from Baffin Island off the coast of Canada and Iceland. These ancient rocks are found to have emerged from the bottom of the Earth’s crust and have since then left untouched.

Using an advanced technology called ion microprobe, the scientists explored the internal components of the rocks in search for traces of water molecules as well as hydrogen atoms. Only a small percentage of the water-forming hydrogen isotope called deuterium were discovered within the rocks.Researchers Found The  Answer Of Water From Earth

Deuterium, also called “heavy hydrogen”, is an abundant mineral found in comets and asteroid. If the scientists were able to extract more deuterium from the rock samples, they would have concluded that Earth’s water may have formed due to violent collisions. But this is not the case.

Hallis said dust particles in space may have fused together and evaporated. Enough number of these particles – which is very possible given the vastness of the universe – has the capacity to form the liquid portion of the planet.Researchers Found The  Answer Of Water From Earth

This suggested it is less likely that the formation of the Earth’s water was carried by an external force. Dr Karen Meech, co-author and astronomer at the University of Hawaii, said it is probable that 20 percent of the planet’s seas and oceans were formed even before land existed.