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How to reconcile weak wage growth with low unemployment (Editorial, 23 June)? The answer is a ready supply of cheap migrant labour. Continued dependence on migrants rules out a living wage and ultimately the welfare state.
Yugo Kovach
Winterborne Houghton, Dorset

• Disgraceful behaviour by the Labour chap, Corbyn (Report, 26 June). Deliberately ignoring the convention that he need not bow upon entering the upper house by not bowing. He then provocatively overturned the centuries old tradition that market gardeners should not wink in the presence of royal personages. Did I risk my life for this? I have not been so upset since I was asked to move from Tunbridge Wells.
Hugh Gemson
Taunton, Somerset

“Conservative leaders throughout the land / Just don’t criticise what you can’t understand / Your sons and your daughters are beyond your command / Your old road is rapidly agein’ / Please get out of the new one if you can’t lend your hand / For the times they are a-changin’.” (Don’t think twice, it’s only Bob borrowing, 19 June).
Willy McCourt

• Isn’t this the right time for them to resign en bloc, and make way for a republic (Prince Harry says no one in royal family wants to be king or queen, 23 June)?
San Cassimally

• While enjoying your coverage of the racing at Ascot, could I ask that more care be taken with colour reproduction of jockey silks. For those of us who choose horses purely by shirt colour (seems as good a way as any) a mistake can easily be made. On Thursday, the colour you printed for She Is No Lady in the big race bore no resemblance to the actual colour. No wonder I keep losing.
Melanie White

• Loved the swallow letter (23 June). A very English summer story. Do hope we get updates on fledglings.
Betty Clarke
Malvern, Worcestershire

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